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Nested Table Joins Work-around

Question asked by bperham on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by bperham
Apparently there is a bug in ArcGIS Server preventing me from publishing a map service with nested table joins.  All the data is in an Enterprise GDB (SQL Server).  I have data in 5 different tables that I join to a parcel feature class to represent an ownership layer.  It's not the ideal way to do things but that's how it's built for now.  Does anyone know of an alternative to nested joins that would allow me to get all this data onto my polygon layer?  The idea is to keep the data "Live" so creating a new table from the data is not an option unless an automated routine could be run to update the table every minute/hour/day.  I was thinking of maybe a "View table" (virtual table), which it looks like ArcGIS can see, but doesn't show that actual values, just field headings (see attachment).  Any other options?