ArcGIS10 Model Builder: File path always defaults to scratch

Discussion created by stufraser on Sep 16, 2012
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I have built a relatively simple model to process raster data. The model imports a georeferenced raster file, uses the Raster Calculator to set zeroes to null (and creates a 2nd raster), reclassifies the raster to integer and builds an attribute table.

I want to display the output 'Raster Nonzero', but can assign the others as intermediate data, as I go onto use the attribute table for additional processes.

When I run this model, I specify the intended location for this raster, but it drops the file into my scratch directory (which is assigned as a model parameter) and renames it generically before adding it to my map. I need to have this file named as I specify in the tool, and cannot understand why it keeps reverting to a default.

Hopefully someone is able to help me with this? I attach a graphic and python script of the model.

Thank you very much