Bad forums - is it just us?

Discussion created by amarsden on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by amarsden
Hi - posting here, as I  can't see a forum for discussions on the forum, and finding stuff is hard, as you'll see.

Accessing these pages from any PC within our organization results in mixed styles.  Sometime (but rarely) it all looks OK. but more often it looks like


Almost as if the CSS is being ignored, however looking at the site data in Chrome developer tools, it looks like all the CSS are loaded.

In addition, as I've mentioned elsewhere, my maps  lack lots of buttons and simply don't work.

We've examined our ISA logs in case it is blocking stuff - it isn't.  We've changed how sites come into our building - bypassing our content filtering service - still no joy - it makes navigating and posting very difficult indeed.

Any ideas anyone?