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Field Calculator of DMS to DD does not work

Question asked by gnanicys on Sep 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by CommSafety
I have a dbf in a file gdb with coordinates formatted as XX XX XX.XX in both a text and double field type.  I am following the instructions found at Esri's Resource help page on converting DMS to DD found below to a "T" with the exception that I do not see an "Advanced box at all.[ATTACH=CONFIG]17556[/ATTACH]

I posted a picture of what my field calculator box looks like on my end.  I am on ArcInfo10.0 SP2. So I have done this multiple ways, checking code box and running it both VB and python, and yes I substituted my field for [Latitude], although my field name is latitude as well.  I have ran it without checking the code box as well.  Anyone else having this issue?