Hardware problem with ArcView or just a bug?

Discussion created by volodaSK on Sep 6, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by gallysam

I would like to ask one question about strange thing that happened to me today with ArcView.

I was making some kind of surface elevation map via TIN from (quite dense) contours by way I often do (3D analyst extension). After the map was finished and the export option were selected, the strange exported image has appeared.

Do not know why, but the final file (I chose TIFF 300dpi no compression) was not completed. Except TIN itself, all remaining layers were missing. Furthermore, the TIN layer was corrupt. I tried to change some properties of map and map elements (such as color scale, intervals etc.) and have just figured out, that I have to decrease DPI below approximately 100 dpi in order to export the map successfully. As I need the map in resolution 300 dpi, new less dense countours were created via surface analysis option in 3D analyst extension, which were used as the base for new (less complex) TIN. After this step I was able to export proper TIFF file with completed map.

Nevertheless, I have tried to change the color scale of TIN from multicolor (white-green-yellow-brown) to shades of one color (e.g. green) in initial case. Suprisingly, I was able to export the map properly using higher DPI after this change (but still not enought for my purpose). For example, when the TIN was represented by multicolor scale, the uppermost DPI when the exported image was not corrupted, was e.g. 100 DPI. After the change to shades of green, 150 DPI made the export stil proper.

Regarding to the text mentioned above I assume that this problem has something with my hardware (maybe video card). Is it possible or might be just kind of ArcMap bug? I have also tried the other possible file formats for export (JPG, PNG, PDF) - same results.

Just for instance, I have uploaded the rar archive containing two exports: both 150 dpi TIFF without compression:
Proper_export is file where TIN consisting from less polygons (low fidelity) is used. This export is completed.
Corupted_export is file where TIN consisting from more polygons (high fidelity) is used. This export is corrupted.

Thank you for your response