Identify Info Window/Tabs with 14 layers

Discussion created by dknigge on Sep 5, 2012
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My application is based on jsapi version3.0. It features a GIS Server service called "All_Services2012" which has 14 layers. An 'on-click' event identifies the 14 layers and displays them in an info window with tabs. The problem is that it takes between 35-45 seconds for the info window to display.  I'm afraid that the client will not want to wait that long for the information to come up.
Is it possible to add an "hour glass" or somthing to show the process is working?  Better yet, what can I do to speed up the info window display?

I was wondering if maybe the duplication of the variable declaration
(var i=0, il=layerResults.features.length; i<il; i++)
in each 'case'  was  part of the problem. If so, how would I structure the code? 

Would it be better to have the client turn on the layers he would like to identify?

I would very much appreciate someone looking at the attached code.

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The identify portion  is based on this sample: