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Discussion created by manojrajteli on Sep 3, 2012
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I am using ARCGis 10.1 platform .From One of the database sde Connection i have created view using new -
> view option The view get created fine and its visible in ARCCatalog preview tab in geometry tab as table view option.
The problem is during arc Desktop 10.1 when i add the view to the geometry is visible but the i press open attribute table then it shows blank fields.
The Problem when I have checked the ObjectId Data type it is showing long instead of Object Id. So the problem is with OBJECTID . How to deal with this issue?Thank you in advance.
SELECT SPE.[OBJECTID] ,SPE.[BaseId], SPE.[PlayId] , B.[BasinName], SP.[ShaleName], AGS.[AgeS  [Ref] , SPE.[Shape] , SPE.[Shape_STArea__], SPE.[Shape_STLength__]
    FROM [dbo].[Play] SPE inner join [dbo].[Base] B on SPE.[BaseId]=B.[OBJECTID]
        inner join [dbo].[shale] SP on SPE.[Shale]=SP.[OBJECTID]
        inner join [dbo].[Age] AGS on SPE.[AgeId]=AGS.[OBJECTID]

Below is the error i get when i press open attribute table.