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Using "Batch" on a model with an iterator

Question asked by bshore on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by bshore
Hello All,

Is it possible to "Batch" run a model that has an iterator in it? In the model shown, I would like to right click the model and "Batch" run it. When I set up the "Batch", I would like to change the Input Database and the Default Break Value for 5 different Databases that contain between 1 - 30 Features Classes. Each Database would use a different Default Break Value. When testing this with 2 GDBs that have 2 Feature Classes each, it iterated through the first GDB, then immediatly looped through the second GDB. It solved for the first Feature in the first GDB, then looped through and solved the last Feature in the second GDB, but skipped the other 2 Feature Classes.