Sink Evaluation Problems with ArcHydro

Discussion created by jwesemann on Aug 29, 2012

for my master thesis I have to work with Arc Hydro and therefore I'm doing the Tutorial to get into the program. I don't get very far, only up to Sink Evaluation and then I stops with an Error message, that i have attached as well. It's the Error 0x80004005 and sais that the HRESULT E_FAIL - Error has been given. The 2 Features don't get added by the program but exist in the gdb but when i add them, the fields for FillDepth, FillVolume, BottomElev, FillElev stay empty (<Null>). and also the IsSink field is 0 every where

I've got ArcMap 10.0 with Service Pack 4 and i tried already all available ArcHydro version that can be found in the internet:

The first 2 from the Esri server ftp://ftp.esri.com/ArcHydro/Setup10/ and the last one from the blog: http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2011/10/12/arc-hydro-tools-version-2-0-are-now-available/

Ich also repaired ArcGis but didn't help as well.

Are there other Versions available or how can i change this error?

Thanks a lot for your help, Joe