Generation numbers are out of order

Discussion created by tore.tjotta on Aug 28, 2012
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We have an issue with replication in a disconneted environment. We're running ArcGis 10 sp3 on Oracle We have multiple replicas set up that has been running for several months.

Our problem occures when we try to import a data change message. We can export the message perfectly ok, but when we try to import it again we get following message:

Import Changes failed.
Generation numbers are out of order

(and then a list of messages saying Version not found... (see attached screenshot))

There is no difference either we use xml or file geodatabase for the datachange message. The result is the same either way.

Any idea why this suddenly start to happen and how to fix it?

Also, we have synchronized this replica many many times before this started to be a problem, so something strange is going on here...