Merging rasters that overlap.... ? (1992 NLCD)

Discussion created by rolanddeschain on Aug 9, 2012
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I've searched far and wide.  I refuse to believe that no one has dealt with this:

I need to combine the sections of 1992 NLCD (national land cover data) into a contiguous raster.  This would be easy if it were a big grid (like a DEM), but the sections are arbitrary fragments that 1) overlap and 2) contain large black areas with no data.

When I try to combine the sections together (Data Management > Raster > Raster Dataset > Mosaic to New Raster), the big black sections at the periphery cover up the real data.  There is enough data to fill the gaps, but the black sections are in the way.

I know someone's dealt with this, but nobody seems to have put it up on the web.  Let's be the first!