Model builder can't use multi-value parameters from scripts/other models

Discussion created by AndrewE on Aug 9, 2012

I'm having an issue where if I use a script or model which outputs a multi-value parameter in another model I can't use that output for anything!
Simple example, I have a script that changes layout text in a map and returns that map as a single map document, and I have created a model that does this for multiple maps (using multi-value iterator and collect values tools) and returns a multi-value map document parameter.
When I try and connect these up in another model to a script that batch prints maps (taking a multi-value map document as an input parameter), the script that outputs a single map document works, but the multi-value output from the model doesn't.

I see this same problem with all the scripts and models I have that output multi-value parameters, have I missed something when setting up my outputs or is this an issue with model builder?

I've seen this thread and I know that my output is in the correct format, and the parameters are correctly set up in the scripts and models.

Thanks, Andy