The three pillars of my not understanding

Discussion created by malabamba on Aug 5, 2012
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Hello, I recently downloaded the demo version and I have questions.
1) This is where I move the poly, but by moving away from its neighbors:

Here's the code:
Lot -->

one -->NIL

two -->
offset(-1) comp(f){0:one1|1:two1|2:three1|3:four1|4:five1|5:six1|6:seven1}

//three -->NIL

//four -->NIL

//five -->NIL

//six -->NIL

//one1 -->NIL

//two1 -->NIL

//three1 -->NIL

//four1 -->NIL

five1 -->t(0,0,5)[/PHP]

Is there a way to make it move, "inseparable" from the adjacent polygons?

2) Is there any way to know the coordinates of the vertices of the polygon?
It is necessary to calculate its shape (square, paralepiped curve shape), its area. This all will help determine his fate.
3) Can somehow get access to a variety of materials id, from imported mesh? If there are more than one.