CityEngine,  LiDAR,  building footprints and roof modelling

Discussion created by amitkokje on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2017 by enedevrei
I am aware that CityEngine is not yet supporting LiDAR (LAS/ ASCII/ XYZ etc.) data directly, I managed to import a small set of     LiDAR data as File GDB into CityEngine with attributes (elevation)

I have building polygons footprints data available and imported simultaneously with LiDAR GDB. (image attached ).

With standard arcGIS procedure (spatial join) it is easy to calculate and join the Avg. building height derived from LiDAR data to     building polygons. But that will give very flat roofs for all the buildings.

Is it possible to model exact roofs façades (shape, orientation, aspect and slope) based on LiDAR information available?

Existing methods and rules  in CityEngine are  great to generate roofs at random, but what if we want to replicate existing city

using the available information?.

Is there any method to achieve this using LiDAR information available?

I am more interested in replicating roofs.


CityEngine usage level: Beginner