"supportEmptyHouseNumber"  not working as expected

Discussion created by ctalleygreenville on Jul 19, 2012
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Hello all,

I would like for a street centerline locator (dual range) to allow a person to enter a street name with no house number and it return the street segment candidates in 10 like it did for 9.3.  (yes, Bruce, this is for the CityWorks find!).  We are using our own street centerline feature class as the reference.  Only left and right ranges, prefix dir, name, type, suffix are included.  No zip codes or cities needed.

So, I changed the following within the "Nickel" mapping schema:
          <prop name="supportsEmptyHouseNumber" type="Boolean">true</prop>

(am I understanding that this is inherited by the dual ranges/dime schema also??)

Nothing else is different from the USAddress.lot.xml except for the name and a couple of aliases.

Now, if I use the "Find" tool to find "croft st" with no address, I do receive some candidates.  Hooray.  The problem is when I use the "Find" tool for an address with a valid housenumber, it returns MANY false 100% matches!  See image..


What is going wrong?  What else should be changed in the .lot.xml to allow a user to enter just a street name and get a return of all the street segments possible without causing problems for valid house numbers?  We were doing this in 9.3 without a problem.

Also, I am experiencing the same problem as in this posting regarding "and" and "at" not working when I change the parameter to "true".