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Salt & Pepper or Speckling in Raster

Question asked by chcarlson on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2012 by chcarlson
So I am stumped on what seems to be a simple problem.  I have a raster that I have re-classed into 7 values of water depths.  Some of the values that were grouped in the reclassification were from a pretty wide range, so in the end I have a speckled or salt and pepper looking raster in some areas, which has been deemed unacceptable.  I'm working with a raster that is 16' in resolution, and the threshold that should be eliminated or changed to the majority neighbor value is 5000 sq.ft, which is about 19 pixels.  So if the area is smaller than 19 pixels I would like to change those values to that of their neighbor, or what they are surrounded by.  I have run a majority filter on it, with various setting with some success, but there are still outliers that need to be dealt with.  I want to maintain the resolution of the data while replacing these values with their neighbors.  I've been down the road of region grouping and have yet to understand quite where to take this in a con for example.  In the end this is going to be a shapefile, and working with a shapefile with 3 million records is not feasible.  Any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, the more detailed the better.  I've attached an image of the issue.