Selecting point series by location and exporting

Discussion created by ross8502 on Jul 13, 2012
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I feel like this shouldn't be very complex and there's some simple step I'm missing but I'm having terrible luck on my own or looking it up in these forums or elsewhere. Sorry if this has already been answered before recently.

I have ~20 different sets of point data (several thousand points each) and I want to get rid of any points not within a certain shapefile. As of right now, the model I've made selects each set of data but only runs the rest of the model on the data set selected last. I haven't worked much with iterations which I feel like is the part I'm missing.

What I want: select a set of points based on location within a specific area shape file, export the selection with a corresponding name, run this whole process on each data set individually.
What I'm getting: Selects each set of points within the area shape file and then only running the export on the data set selected last.

I'd just do this the old fashioned way and do each step individually but I'm going to be working with 4-5 more sets of these (~20 shape-files each) so it'd definitely save some time if anyone has any suggestions.