Find Task not working

Discussion created by jdkitzmi on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by DSwingley-esristaff
I am a novice at JS, but I have done well with Python scripting in the past. I currently have an application set up in ArcServer but am migrating it over to the JavaScript API for more flexibility. I can't seem to get things to work though. I made use of the "Find" tool example script but things just don't seem to be connecting somewhere. I've had someone else look over the code and they are also stumped. I figured this group here would be a good place to ask for some help. I'm really hoping to get over this hurdle so I can get this online. Everything is looking good, just not working!

I've gotten rid of error codes and things still don't seem to work. The Find Task works fine via REST services using the search term I'm using and it shows results. But it doesn't seem to want to do the same in my actual code. I had the Query Task working previously, but wanted to be able to search multiple layers so I switched to the Find Task.

I will admit I'm not the best script writer yet...again, still pretty new at this. But if I could get some insight on why things don't seem to be working, that would be great. Thanks!