Export to CAD pre-validating inputs - Model Builder

Discussion created by jwheatley on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Playa
Hello all,

I'm trying to develop a simple model to allow a user to clip GIS data by a polygon boundary, and then export the result of the clip to CAD.  Seems simple enough but I'm having some major, and more importantly inconsistent, issues getting the model to run.

Here is a snapshot of the model.

The Parameters for the Clip tool are:

  • Input Features

  • Clip Feature (defined by a Feature Set Variable)

The Parameters for the Export to CAD tool are:

  • CAD File Type

  • Seed File

  • Output location and file name

The issue is that when I attempt to run the model (as a dialog), I populate the parameters and when I hit "OK" it immediately tries the validate the input of the Export to CAD tool.  Of course, it doesn't exist until the Clip has completed.  The model fails to run.

However, I just tried the same exact model on a XP machine running 10.1 and it worked perfectly.  My workstation is a Win7-64bit.