Modelbuilder Feature Class Iteration (Analysis Tool - Erase)

Discussion created by BahamutZ on Jul 9, 2012
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Okay so while I am trying to figure this out myself with trial and error, I figure I would ask here to see if someone can help me save some time.

I am trying to do something similar to the attached image, but with the Erase tool.  This buffer tool iterates recursively through a number of directories and outputs the buffered file in its original directory and renames it.

I now want to do the same thing with Erase, but the issue is acquiring the appropriate input and erase features during the iteration process.  The input feature class is associated with one DATE in time and the erase feature another.  Right now I have each in their own DATE folder.  I need to:

1.  Be able to automatically input the input feature and erase feature based on their respective DATE folders.  (Parse path I assume?) or will it be easier if the date is in the filename?)
2.  Have the output of the erase function fall within the next highest level directory.
3.  Then repeat the same process for all rest of the data folders.

I was thinking it may require some nested models, but I am uncertain.  I tried some, but wasnt having any luck. yet anyway.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.[ATTACH=CONFIG]15875[/ATTACH]