A word of warning about deleting users in ArcGIS for Orgs

Discussion created by jplacy2 on Jul 5, 2012
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Sharing the following so that somebody else doesn't make the same dumb mistake I did:

When inviting users to your organization, they have an option to either associate an existing "personal" account with your Org, or create a new ArcGIS Online account.  When responding to my invite, one of my users didn't think twice about simply associating with the org despite the clear warning (which I wasn't aware of until after the fact):


As I later learned, removing a user from the organization deletes their ArcGIS Online account entirely... doesn't simply remove them from the organization, which is the behavior I expected.  Oops.  Clicking on the delete icon in the org administrator view does fail if they have content in their name, but it doesn't say "hey, you realize this will kill their entire account, right?!"

Doc reference:

Lesson learned.