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Converting Shapefiles to Rasters to create a single land use map

Question asked by pcmiller4 on Jul 2, 2012
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I'm looking for some help here. It seems I have found 78 different ways to NOT accomplish what I'm looking for and I am hitting a wall now. I have a feeling the solution is right in front of me but I can't see it.

I need to create a single urban land-use raster file of my university to run a stormwater simulation using SUSTAIN (an EPA model add-on for ArcGIS 9.3). I started with an aerial image of my campus and created shapefiles for the various land uses such as classroom buildings, administrative buildings, sports grass, etc. For each type of land-use there is a specific numeric code. For example, "110" is associated with the land-use Classroom Building. Each shapefile has an attribute column that has the appropriate numeric code. I then converted the 24 shapefiles into 24 rasters using the "Polygon to Raster" conversion tool. The "Value" column for each raster file has the land-use code.

Now I need to create a single raster file that combines all 24 raster files but still perserves the land-use code and each raster file is displayed in a different color. I attached a screen capture of the land use raster file that I am using as an example for what I am trying to create.

Any help would be great.