Dynamic Text Bug With 10.1

Discussion created by jeffpickles on Jun 27, 2012
New in 10.1: When grouping several dynamic text boxes together into a neatbox, the neatbox resizes to fit the entire code string rather than the dynamic text. I never had this problem in 10.0.

In this example, I'm using
<dyn type="document" property="title"/>
for Title and
<dyn type="document" property="summary"/>
for Summary. Nothing terribly complex.


Note that the selection box covers only the dynamic text area, but the connected neatbox does not. The neatbox expands beyond the dynamic text to a width that perfectly fits the area the code string would use. I know this fits because occasionally the dynamic text fails when grouped together and exposes the code string on the finished map instead of the dynamic text. I haven't quite found the trigger for that failure, though. One thing at a time.

In 10.0, the neatbox would match the dynamic text area. Please bring this back.