Disconnected Editing

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Little bit confused about how to implement disconnected editing. We want to be able to perform editing on a map package and then easily get that data out and push it back to a central database. So my understanding would be to reference the data in a local file geodatabase as opposed to packaging the data in that map package. I did find the steps on another thread, which are:

a) Open ArcMap - ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 (Beta 1) - and add the layers you wish to edit from your ArcSDE GDB.
b) Create a checkout/checkin replica of these layers - this must be in a File GDB.
c) Ensure the File GDB is being created in the required folder (e.g. your deployment folder)
d) The checkout process can switch your Map to point to the new;y checked-out data or open a new ArcMap session and add the Feature Classes within the File GDB then symbolize as required.
e) Ensure that ArcMap is set to use relative paths within ArcMap Document properties (off the File menu).
f) Go to Customize > ArcMap Options and select the Sharing tab. Ensure that the Enable ArcGIS Runtime Tools option is checked.
g) Open the Map Packaging dialog by using the File > Share As... > Map Package option within ArcMap.
h) Ensure the "Make ArcGIS Runtime compatible" option is checked and that the option beneath this is also checked - to "Reference all data" and that the MPK is going to sit alongside the File GDB you created (so that the relative paths work).
i) Then click Share - this will create a small Map Package (.MPK) which references the File GDB containing the replica.
j) This MPK and File GDB should be deployed to the deployment machine when you deploy your application. The ArcGIS Runtime can also use relative paths (e.g. ..\..\Data\MyEditLayers.MPK).
k) Now you can create a LocalFeatureService using the ArcGIS Runtime WPF API, based on that MPK and create one or more LocalFeatureLayers based on layers within that MPK (i.e. as you would with layers within an ArcGIS Server FeatureService).
l) Develop an editing UI e.g. using the Template Picker or Editor with the Toolkit library.
m) Once your edits are done - to reintegrate the edits to your ArcSDE GDB you need to grab the File GDB that you deployed and use ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 (Beta 1) to checkin the edits. Alternatively you could explore using Geoprocessing tools for this purpose.

The step in bold is what I'm confused about as when you go to share the map package in ArcGIS 10.1 and reference data is checked you get this message saying it has to be absolute:


So the Store relative path names is checked in Map Document properties, but you are not allowed to do have this with map packages? And if we do have absolute paths and then copy the map package a new device, it won't work unless the paths are exactly the same.

I'm I missing something here, or do you have to package the data in the map package for editing locally?