Maximum Likelihood Classification - Land Use Map

Discussion created by dru.sutter on Jun 20, 2012
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Dear ArcGIS Users,

I'm relatively new to this forum, have been reading a few things - haven't posted a lot yet though. Hope someone can help me out with the following problem:

I created a land use map through the maximum likelihood classification with the Image Classification Tool (ArcMap 10.0). This I was able to do without any problems. Small problem is that my Landsat-5 image I base the classification on contains some small clouds in my areas of interest. I'm working on a project that's located to the south-east of Mt.Kenya, so my data sources are rather limited. The Landsat-5 image I'm using is the best (freely) available.
Now I'd like to get rid of the clouds. I hoped to do that through a reclassification of the cell values for clouds and cloud-shadows (they have been classified in the maximum likelihood classification). The cloud parts should be replaced by a random set of other classes from my scene (i.e. tea crops, coffee, maize, etc.).
The accuracy of the reclassification won't be very high - I'm concious about that.

My questions:

  • can I replace the cell values manually? (there are not that many clouds!) if so, how?

  • can I get ArcMap to replace the cloud parts with a random set of other cell values?

  • (i.e. by neighbouring cell values?)

I added a screenshot in order for you to get a better picture of the situation.
If you need me to specify anything else, just let me know. Looking forward to reading your answers.

Best regards from Bern,