"calculate field" output in ModelBuilder question

Discussion created by aimong on Jun 19, 2012
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HI, I have created a model that performs a spatial join between a point layer and a polygon layer (selecting points inside the polygons) and I want to see if their "name" fields match. So I added a field to the spatial join layer and used python code to populate the field with a "yes" if the fields match and "no" if they do not, points outside the polygons have a null. I would next like to select all "yes" values and remove them so I am left with a table containing only "no" and "null" values/points. The only problem is I can't figure out a way to this. I have tried "select layer by attributes" (will only accept output of "calculate field" as a precondition) and "make table query" (empty field values so can't make a query). if i run the model it creates a feature class after "calculate field" is performed but ModelBuilder does not seem to see this until the model has actually run. ideas? i  would like to do this on one step.