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Incomplete Polyline

Question asked by philshifley on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by philshifley
I am trying to draw a polyline in a custom tool (BaseTool) on a AxGlobeControl (from 3DAnalyst) but I am not getting a continuous line.  Instead I get an arch with the center missing. 
The process I am using is from the examples.  I am creating a new GlobeGraphicsLayer and adding it to the scene I get from the GlobeHookHelperClass provided in the overridden BaseTool.OnCreate().  I am also creating a Polyline by defining the start and end Points.  I set a LineElement's geometry to the polyline and add it to the layer and this is what I get (the width is 10 so that more of the line displays).
Any ideas what I am missing?  Could there be an issue with the zoom level or camera position?