CityEngine to 3D Max - export unit problem

Discussion created by a.lalovic on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by scooter
Object exported to 3ds from CityEngine have a totaly weard scale when imported into 3D Max. This wouldnt be such a huge problem if the scaling them manualy in max wouldnt totaly explode the model and make it useless (see the image).

Import dialogue lists folowing options:

1. - Convert Units        : Makes everything 100 times smaller
2. - Dont Convert        : Instead of 1m, objects are 0.0039 m ??? (totaly weard)

System and dispay units in 3D Max are set to meeters.

FBX export also comes 100 times smaller, i have also tryied setting system units in max to cm before import it doesnt help its still 100 smaller.