Export Map to PDF Halo Labels shifts Halo to latter width at the end of Label Problem

Discussion created by agoretoy on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Simpsonsl
Hi GIS People.  For the past few month I am experiencing trouble with Halo labels when map is exported to PDF format. Attached are three PDF file that display the problem.  When Halo feature used in labels for easy readability, exported PDF from the File->Export Map menu created PDF but all the Halo fields are shifted in some cased almost a latter width off the actual label only at the end of the label.  Beginning of the label appears OK but shift always occurs at the end.  Also Arrow pointing to the object shifts from pointing to exact location on the map.  I have W7 system 64-bit with Radeon Graphic accelerator.  Strange enough that same GIS file when opened on other station running W-xp 32 bit exports to pdf perfectly but similar station with W XP 32 bit of other coworker outputs the same file to PDF with the same problem described above on W7 64 bit PC. From doing it on different PC desktops I figures it's not the OS fault but is in the soft setting itself.
All the systems are running ArcMAP 10.0. I've checked and compared PDF output settings on all the machines and they are 100% the same however, the output PDF results are different. Please see attached PDF files for comparison and give me any clue as to solving the problem. On a side note i used to output pdfs with Halo labels with no problem from my W7 64 bit PC when it was originally built. But something happened during the period of using this station that now exports PDFs with this problematic shift. Now to create any Halo labels and print any presentation maps using PDF format i have to work on my PC but go to a coworker's station and export the final PDF from there. there must be some known solution for this problem.