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"US Streets" Style Locator in 10?

Question asked by khighlan on May 21, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by khighlan
Hello all,

I used a "US Streets" style locator in 9.3 that is pretty much the "US Address - Dual Ranges" style in 10, except "US Streets" has only 9 mapped fields for the primary table instead of 21 for "US Address - Dual Ranges."

My problem: With the old "US Streets" styles, candidates could be generated by typing in just a street name. A list of address ranges along the street would come up without you typing in an address number. This doesn't work with the "US Address - Dual Ranges" style in 10. The same five fields (attached image) - and only these five - are mapped in both locators, but "US Address - Dual Ranges" seems a lot stricter. Dropping down spelling sensitivity and minimum candidate score doesn't help.

I tried modifying the USAddress.lot file to include a "US Streets" locator, but it fails to create a locator of this custom style.

Does anyone have code for the "US Streets" style that I can drop into USAddress.lot? Or does anyone have any recommendations for getting the "US Address - Dual Ranges" style to yield candidates without an address number being included?

Thanks in advance,