Randomising facade textures

Discussion created by csteeresriuk-esridist Employee on May 17, 2012
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Hi there,

I'm currently creating a model of a city and I'd like my rule file to pick a random texture based on the building's height(like the Philadelphia example). I've organised all my photos into files based on the number of floors with multiple textures for each floor, however everytime I generate the buildings it always uses the same texture for each building with the same number of floors and not utilising the others. How does the fileRandom function work exactly- does it iterate everytime you run the rule or by individual feature? I've attached my rule file to make it a bit clearer, it might be as a result of how I've written it!

In a different point altogether, it would be really great if you could within the help files explain how to setup the projections for projecting on to buildings and roofs so everything aligns correctly because it's something I know I've personally found difficult!

Any help would be great!!