Export map to PDF issue (for arcgis 10.0...not 10.1)

Discussion created by geodan7 on May 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by fabiomarconi
Hi All,

I'm having to use ArcGIS 10 to export a map to PDF, and followed the 'export map to pdf using python geoprocessing toolbox' approach detailed at the following URL. I've had some success, it actually prints the PDF with some layers...but...the ESRI basemap layers are not included in the map when I access the geoprocessing toolbox through the REST service "Submit Job/Execute Task".

If I run the 'ExportToPDF' tool on my local works perfectly...just not through the web service...I've viewed the messages and it's running without error...but the resulting PDF only has my 'operational layers', but NOT the ESRI basemap.

I've run out of ideas on this one...anybody have an idea? I've also attached my result...