summarize tables with one-to-many relationship

Discussion created by annekull on May 14, 2012
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I have a map with forst cadastral units. The attribute table of this map consists of different ID numbers which cal be used to join (or relate) other tables (for instance forest types, ages, heights etc) to this map. The problem is that relationship between these tables is one-to-many (to one cadastral unit correspond many rows in thematic attribute tables). One row contains proportion number (how many % this type makes from the entire unit). I want to calculate the areas of different forest types (column tree code) and make a summarized table. Later I want to make similar tables from trees with different ages, heights etc. I cannot join all the records with the same ID to the corresponding unit. I also cannot do anything with related tables. In original table there are many million records and about 30 forest types (tree codes). I include a sample layer (metsaeraldis5.shp) with some records and a table (element5.dbf) with corresponding records.
I would be very grateful if anybody could help me.

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