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Perhaps I'm using it wrong, my 'touches()' rule seems to be unpredictable

Question asked by whitenorthstar1 on May 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by whitenorthstar1
howdy folks, here something that I don't quite understand.  This is a test version of my rules, which is a greatly simplified version of the 5th Element New York city ;)

I'm using the 'touches()' to identify faces where the model penetrates itself.  On these faces, for test purposes, I'd like to have a black texture.

My rule seems to work, but only some of the time, as you can see in the photo.   The black faces are working fine.  I've put an arrow pointing at the faces where it should work, but doesn't (i.e. the faces should be black, but they aren't).

By the way, I'm using 2010.3.  Here is the extract from the rules:

Wall -->    case touches() :   texture("facades/MyFacades/Test_facade_TOUCHES.png")     alignScopeToGeometry(zUp, auto)     setupProjection(0,scope.xy,10*getTileWidth(,10*getFloorHeight(,0)     projectUV(0)        else:   texture("facades/MyFacades/Test_facade_WINDOW.png")     alignScopeToGeometry(zUp, auto)     setupProjection(0,scope.xy,10*getTileWidth(,10*getFloorHeight(,0)     projectUV(0)

As usual, your thoughts would be appreciated.  Thank you! :D