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raster statistics question

Question asked by tlupher on May 6, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2012 by tlupher
I have about sixty 1500x1500 meter elevation raster tiles (32bit-float) stored in a single directory that I created slope tiles for (in a separate directory). My problem is that the value ranges of the slope and source tiles differ (i.e. all slope tile minimum values begin at 0 when they should not).

Tile 1, source and slope value ranges

How can I make the slope tool automatically output tiles with matching statistics of the source tiles?

Have tried the following so far on the slope Tile 1 without any success:
1) Turned off raster stretching for source and slope layers.
2) "Calculate Statistics" tool and then imported a custom statistics .xml under raster symbology properties, but output error message "wrong XML file".
3) "Build Raster Attribute table" tool did not work as input rasters must be integer-based whereas mine is float-based.
4) "Build Pyramids and Statistics" tool on the slope tile.

Using: ArcInfo 10 SP4 with all extensions
Thanks for your advice and help.