ArcMap MXD goes blank

Discussion created by GNOMELLISA on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by rozekc_washtenaw
I have never seen or experienced this before, but it has been happening to one of my users for the past month or two. She keeps 2 MXDs up on her desktop and the one goes blank from time to time (sometimes several times a day). There is no error or warning message. If she lets it sit for over 10-15 minutes it will close.

Tried creating a new project. The new project with all the same layers repeats the action. She has tried removing layer by layer one at a time to see if one is causing it. I have recreated the same project on my computer with her credentials and was not able to replicate the problem. A repair install was done.

10 SP 1

Any Ideas?