Overlapping Route Events - dissolve, but have symology show how many events present

Discussion created by lukepaduke on Apr 26, 2012

I'm working on a linear referenced route which uses an event table to show where mainteance was required on a given day. As I have it set up right now each mainteance run is offset to the side of the route (as you can see in the picture I've attached. The green lines show the sections where maintenance was required on a given day. i would like to make one line that contains all of this data, which i can do with a dissolve. My problem is i would like the dissolved route event to somehow how many times that particular section needed maintenance. In other words if i had three route maintenance events, the first from Mile Post 0-3, the second from MP 1-3, and the third from MP 2-4 miles, I would like the dissolved line to somehow (either through symbology or an assiged value that from 0-2 miles there was one mainteance event over time, from 2-3 miles there was three maintenance event and from Mile Post 3-4  there was one maintenance evnet. The normal dissolve will just combine them all to show where maintenance points occurred.

Any ideas?