Problem with Internet Explorer 8 occurs on intranet but not internet

Discussion created by nigelgent on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by tjacoby2006

I'm trying to find the cause/solution to a problem with my map page below. The page works fine when connected to the internet but on our intranet it fails when using internet explorer. It works fine with other browsers but IE is our corporate standard. The problem shows itself by failing to load the map in IE8. The error reports itself as an invalid character in one of the javascript files from arcgisonline. If the individual arcgisonline files are opened directly they are OK but IE8 is either seeing zero length or what looks like compressed binary data. The arcgisonline urls are being allowed through to our internal network and we've done some monitoring of the traffic but often it seems that the very presence of the monitoring seems to make it work. I suspect that IE8 is somehow trying to execute the code from arcgisonline before it has properly downloaded and decompressed it. I've searched widely but failed to find a solution so if anyone has had a anything similar I'd be interested to hear even a clue about anything I could investigate further.

I've edited out just our local URL's from the code attached. (I have run it through jslint but not turned up anything that seemed relevant.)