Can't add feature or map service to ArcGIS Online Map

Discussion created by jlabate on Apr 21, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by jlabate
Hi all,
Both a map and feature service being served from SDE geodatabase fail to load in ArcGIS online map. The services appear when I search to add content but when I attempt to add them as a layer I get an error saying "layer cannot be added to the map." However, the map does zoom to the location of the features - it just doesn't render them.

SDE services do work with ArcGIS Online right? You don't have to be serving from ArcGIS for Server exclusively do you?

Does it matter that the original source of the two feature classes I'm testing were just shp files? I imported them into a personal and file GDB.

Could some kind of firewall/security be interfering? These map and feature services reside on a county emergency services server (that I don't have access to.

Again, all appears to be well. I see the services in my Group Page. the services appear when searched for. The map zooms to the feature's proper location when the service is added. But it doesn't render either the points or the lines. And then it errors out.

Anyone have an SDE / ArcGIS for Server platform they can toss this on from? 

Thanks in advance,