VC++ RuntimeManager access in ArcGIS 10.0

Discussion created by r_bowman on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2010 by r_bowman
I am attempting to migrate our existing code, which is all 9.2/9.3 .NET 2005 VC++ to 10.0. The showstopper is the RuntimeManager.Bind() call that is now necessary prior to doing anything. I found a similar question from November 2009 which was never answered. The VC++ appendix that was added to the documentation was a rehash of the older generic documents and doesn't cover this fundamental change.

There is no olb corresponding to the ArcGISVersion.dll in the Common Files\ArcGIS\bin directory, and importing the dll only seems to enable a IArcGISVersion to be recognized, which fails on instantiation. The VB and C# examples are not helpful.

Thanks for any information.