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Con statement renders one coloured square instead of "false" raster.

Question asked by rasmerla on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by rasmerla
I have a layer were some pixel values are wrong and i want to set them to a value close to zero by using a raster mask. I have succesfully used the Con-statement before but this time I only get a single coloured square which does not make sense.

"antireflex" is my binary conditional raster. Where this layer is = 1 i want the value in my output to be set to 0.00001

When this condition is not met, I want the output cell to have the same value as the "false raster".

When I run this, the result is a black square with the value of 0.00001 every where. It seemse like the spatial analyst does not care about the conditional statement at all.

I attach a picture with my input window, and screen shot from the result. The black square is transparent, reveling the circle which is the "false raster". The coral coloured shape is the "antireflex" binary conditional raster.

If some one could please help me and explain why I do not get the output I want, I will be forever gratefull!