"Join" headaches

Discussion created by twped on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by rthopper
Hopefully I'm overlooking something very simple. . .I've been unable to join the tract fields (FIPS) in these two files (geography from the census and distress data from the Community Development Financial Institutions fund). I've tried creating new tract fields and populating them with text and numbers, saving them as text files and reloading them. . .!? I even tried getting zipcode level geography and tried to join on that.

Distress file is attached (see below for zip problem). If anyone can see what's I'm overlooking it would be greatly appreciated. (e.g., when you load the shapefile dbf into Excel it tells you that the tract information is a number stored as text. . .).



P.S. Got three "Bad Gateway" errors when uploading zipfile that can be found here: ("Census Tracts" "2010/Florida" "All counties in one state based file")