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Insert a line break after a specified number of characters

Question asked by thamesd on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by thamesd
We use a FindLabel expression to retrieve characters from a number of attribute fields (up to 32). The characters correspond to a font which display as symbols on the map, e.g. ???C??? displays a Caravan Park symbol. The characters are concatenated into a single character string. There are no characters separating the symbols (e.g. a space). Where a feature has a lot of facilities (e.g. a major town), the resulting line of symbols can be rather long and look clumsy on the map.
We would like to use an expression to force a line break after a given number of characters (e.g. 6), so that the symbols are stacked in a neat pile near the feature they describe. We have tried using the ???Stack Label??? function in Maplex but have so far got inconsistent results.
We???d be grateful for any suggestions of a way to consistently force a line break after a specified number of characters.