Custom Temporal Action

Discussion created by wguidry on Apr 6, 2012
I am attempting to use the Tracking Server SDK sample that creates a custom temporal action that can be applied to Temporal layers. Unfortunately, I'm not finding the ability I need to do in the sample and I'm hoping someone here can help.

I want to create a temporal action that whenever a feature is added to the temporal layer, three circles (i.e. range rings) as graphics are drawn around the feature at pre-determined distances. This seems like a temporal action would be the best bet since it provides the hook to get the last feature added (using IActionEvaluate:PerformFeatureAction), however I have no way to then draw graphics on the map around that feature (the temporal action does not have a hook to the map). Is there some way I can achieve what I'm attempting to do? Either get a hook to th emap from the custom temporal action or pass back the latest feature?

I'm attaching an image I found on the web that contains range rings similar to what I'm attempting to do.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!