Iteration procedure in model builder in ArcGIS9.3.1

Discussion created by dynamike on Apr 5, 2012
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Hello. I need help regarding an iteration procedure in model builder ArcGIS9.3.1
My data are
1. A fishnet (grid) with an id for every rectangle
2. A number of buildings with attributes like what material is used for construction and building height.

I want to select the buildings with specific construction material and a range of building height based on their location in the fishnet (the buildings should have their center in  a specific rectangle) and at the end i want to have a table of frequencies of the buildings based on those attributes saved on my pc.
I know how to do this, but i don't know how to iterate the model to automatically take separately every single rectangle (i mean every record of that table) of the fishnet and to follow the pre-mentioned procedure and make me separate tables of frequencies based on the id of every rectangle.

i attach a picture of my model. just FYI the layer "kannavos" means the fishnet.

I hope you understand my need.

Thanks in advance