Building Pyramids Results in Strange Side Effects

Discussion created by kreuzrsk on Apr 5, 2012
We have 1400 7.5 minute USGS Topos stored in an ArcSDE raster catalog that we need to get back out to TIFs for use in a non ESRI application.  I've exported a half dozen using the CopyRaster_management tool and then built pyramids so they would look nicer when viewed at scales less than 1 to 24,000.  In each case the resulting rasters look different then the Raster Catalog when viewed in ArcMap.  In some cases there is a cyan bar that shows up across the top of the tif and in other cases black text nearly disappears.  The tifs seem fine but the pyramids have problems.  Attached is a screen shot of the cyan stripe.

ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 SP4.