Service Area Covering Polygone Problem

Discussion created by seb.ra on Apr 1, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by jsandhu-esristaff

I try to build a Service Area Polygone based on a street Dataset und special Facilities. There is no Problem with those in my opinion. But the way the Polygons Area build are not logic. The Picture below shows that Problem. The Area wich is enclosed by the road is a Mountain without Roads. So why is that part includes bei the Polygon?
There are a lot of Areas with that kind of Problem. Every time a Area is surrounded by one or more Roads it is completly covered by the polygon. And it should just use the Parts next to the Roads.
Can somebody tell me, which option I have to change? I already tried every typ of polygon Generartion, included the "Trim Polygon" Feature with less than 10 Meters, but nothing happend. (The Image options are: Merge by break value, Deatiled, and Trim on 250 Meter, Ring)
I use the 9.2 Version.

I hope the problem is clear.