automating area calculations - clipped raster data with vector grid overlay

Discussion created by salsalito31 on Mar 29, 2012
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I was wondering if I'm using a long route to get the data I need and thought maybe someone would know of an automated (or quicker) approach.  I have raster data with habitat type as unique values.  I have used Hawths sampling tools (create vector grid) to create a grid (1900m x 1300m cells) over the entire raster area.  I then used Hawths Raster tools to clip my data (Clip Raster by Polygon II).  I now have roughly 300 cells and I need an output of the area of each habitat in each cell. I can do this by individually adding each cell to GIS as a layer, joining with the original habitat raster layer 'by value' (I need to do this because the actual name of the habitat type is not output in the new attribute table), adding an 'area' field to the attribute table, inputting the formula (area=count*900), and exporting the table for use in excel. 
Does anyone know of a more direct approach to this? I have added an image for reference where the raster data is shown under a vector grid.  The top cell labelled 'A' has been added back to GIS for area calculations. I have many cells to go:o)
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