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How do I continue editing a polygon feature?

Question asked by Hornbydd on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by Hornbydd

I was recently doing a bit of editing and discovered that ArcGIS 10 did not continue an edit sketch from when you last finished (oops that was a bit of an oversight) but it looked like they knocked out a solution which was the Continue Feature tool that I found in the Help file.

Works a treat with polylines but what about the polygon?

Attached is a screen shot. I create a polygon, go into edit vertices mode and select the Continue feature button. The polygon does not display the last red vertex so it does not matter what I do I end up creating a multipart polygon which is not what I want. Am I missing a step (if so will some one shoot me down in flames and put me out of my misery), or is this a bug? All I want to do is pick up from where I last finished, this use to be standard in 9.3

I'm using ArcInfo, ArcGIS 10 with SP3.