Spatial Statistics Tools wont work

Discussion created by Henningway on Mar 27, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2012 by fkor
Hi there!

Last week I tested out the Spatial Statistics Tools, espacially the mean center tool an everything worked fine. Today I had to work with it, but it wont work with me :(
As you can see on the picture, in front of the line where you choose the input layer, there is a red dot with a white cross on it, but hovering it dont give me a solution like other times and if i am going to run it, i get a error without any hints.


We are using ArcInfo so this toolbox should be integrated in our version BUT my colleague has the same problem, too. Because it is integrated, it isn't available in the license manager and i dont have any idea how to fix it...!
Anyone know what to do? The installation of the SP4 didn't fix it.

Thanks and greetings